About us

"Itsis Marani" is a family-owned winery with roots dating back to the late 19th century. In 2019, the winery underwent modernization, adding a new production facility equipped with European technology and renovating old cellars and "Qvevri" vessels. The company focuses on quality, naming itself after the village and branding its wines as "BIMBILI," reflecting the importance of each grape berry in their wines. Grapes are sourced exclusively from well-aged vines, and the winery is led by Vladimer Gurgenidze, backed by 50 years of experience, with support from viticulturist David Tamarashvili. Production includes a variety of wines and chacha, totaling around 40 thousand bottles annually, primarily sold in Georgia with limited exports to Latvia, Germany, and the US, with plans for UK expansion. The winery, employing 18 people, received grant support for development and holds an ISO certificate. Recent expansions include solar panels for energy efficiency and additional cooling forwine storage.


Grape varieties